In the last couple of days, a metaverse cryptocurrency called The Sandbox (SAND) has made an impressive gain in the cryptomarket. It has increased nearly 40% in the last twenty-four hours. It is not only the last twenty-four hours that have seen impressive green candles. The whole month has been an impressive run for Sandbox, with an increase of about 600%. The date of writing this is the 23rd of November, and the information obtained from CoinMarketCap. A new cryptocurrency that is releasing on the 6th of December is called the HUH Token. This token shares similar traits to SAND, and this comparison can highlight the value HUH Token could potentially provide.

The Sandbox is a cryptocurrency with remarkable momentum, not just in recent trading days but over the last several weeks. Indeed, there are some significant tailwinds behind The Sandbox right now. It’s a major Ethereum-based blockchain project focused on offering users the capacity to construct their own virtual worlds. It has become a fast-growing portion of the blockchain-powered metaverse arena.

The Sandbox isn’t the only blockchain-based metaverse game with its own token. They have become popular recently due to the announcement of Facebook’s rebranding into the Metaverse. These kinds of platforms that enable the user to generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and utilise them inside the game or link them with the platform’s marketplace isn’t new, far from it. NFTs are a fast-growing field, with new marketplaces forming all the time. Accordingly, some individuals may ask why this may be a viable choice compared to competitors. HUH Token is rumoured to also have it’s sights on the NFT marketplace trend. The direction of this platform, however, is supposed to take on a social twist. HUH Token is said to have a claim to over a thousand top tier social influencers, which can be leveraged to inspire individuals to hold this cryptocurrency. The importance of social influence cannot be downplayed as time and time again it has been shown in the world of cryptocurrency, attention sells.

Using these concepts, The Sandbox is one initiative that has gotten some tremendous traction. As of early November, it had more than 500,000 registered wallets and 12,000 virtual landowners on its platform. It was also able to secure $93 million in a Series B funding and has had some high-profile personalities such as Snoop Dogg, who are to participate with the platform. This demonstrates the power of having recognisable representation from influencers and the incredible growth the HUH Token could demonstrate.

People seek cryptocurrencies with significant momentum, which have the potential for portfolio-altering rewards, and they tend to search for choices such as SAND and HUH Token. The Sandbox presently has a market capitalisation of about $4 billion. However, SAND is also a swiftly climbing cryptocurrency, having cracked the top 50 list of cryptocurrencies by market value, something HUH Token wishes to achieve within the coming year.

One advantage the HUH Token has over The Sandbox is it’s ability to create extra more than one form of currency. The HUH Token combines its impressive social capacity with a smart chain-based referral system. This allows the person who purchases HUH Token to referrer an infinite number of individuals who do not hold the HUH Token, through a code that is given upon purchase. This referral allows the referrer to obtain 10% of the purchase price from the new HUH Token holder. This 10% is allocated as either Binance Coin or Ethereum, depending on the exchange used for the transaction. This is significant as it allows the holders of this coin to not only earn passive income but to also create stability in their wallets by spreading their holdings over multiple digital currencies.

In regards to stability and safe holdings of cryptocurrency, the HUH Token has also allocated an incredible $1,000,000 of liquidity that is locked in for at least two years. This liquidity is evenly split between the two initial platforms the token will be released on, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This cryptocurrency has also been audited by both Shellbox and Solidity Finance, with Certiks audit being completed by the end of this week. HUH Token’s white paper is set to be published this week which will help cement their goals and utility.

Of course, like other cryptocurrencies, there’s an inherent risk with buying any digital asset that’s impossible to inherently value. However, considering the multiple factors propelling this cryptocurrency higher, it looks there may be a runway of opportunity for HUH Token to go down.

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