Sometime in September, I decided to take outdoor pictures for the Gram. As a content creator, sometimes you want to take nice pictures in different locations just to spice up your content and creativity, and in my quest to find the perfect location, I settled for Eko Atlantic. But of course, before entering Eko Atlantic, I had to state where I was going and I told them at the gate that I was going to the restaurant (I actually meant Pearl restaurant).

There’s this thing they do at Eko Atlantic, where they give you a ticket at the gate and you have to stamp the ticket at your destination, then they will collect the stamped ticket from you (at the gate) upon leaving. Thank God for this, because it was how I discovered this very beautiful restaurant, called “Black Pepper.” It was so beautiful that my heart skipped a beat. I’ll tell you all about it in a bit.

So I got to Black Pepper and sat down to place an order for ‘something light’ since it was not planned. I was thinking maybe chicken wings and my usual Strawberry Daiquiri (you know that moment when you’re waiting for someone at a restaurant and you decide to get something, like bottled water so people won’t look at you funny… lol) and the moment I looked at the menu, I decided to just settle for my cocktail and leave because I definitely could not afford the food on that menu, as this visit was unplanned. But I also decided that someday when I become a “big girl,” I would come back to spoil myself just for the fun of it, and this was exactly what I did on Wednesday (I went to spoil myself as a big girl). I turned 25 recently and figured I deserved it (I am still receiving gifts so hit me up on IG. If Davido can do it, I can too… lol).

So as usual, I rank my restaurants based on the following: ambience, service and food, but let me add one more criteria: “the prices/cost.”

I will be explaining my experience based on these criteria. Sit back and enjoy.

1. The ambience: First off, Black Pepper is a rooftop restaurant that sits in Pearl Towers at Eko Atlantic, so if you know Pearl Towers, you already know that the location is very beautiful—from the high rise building to the view of the pool, and the very neat and manicured environment, everything is so beautiful. There are 3 sections in this restaurant: the outdoor space, the inner space and the private lounge.

The outdoor space gives you the Maldives vibes—you can sit here, cool off after a hard day’s work, sip a cocktail with your girls during lunch, have a few drinks, or smoke if you do. It’s also good for a bougie outdoor wedding reception because it is quite spacious. You can even have a company hangout there this December and trust me,  you’ll love the ambience.

The inner space is well lit and has a very cosy wooden finish. It’s a place you’d pick for an intimate classy date or fine dining (those types you see in movies). You can also have a lunch date for 2, propose to your girlfriend, or take your parents out for lunch and spoil them, you can hold a lunch meeting with your prestigious clients in this space. And in the spirit of Christmas, they already have a Christmas tree lit up.

The private lounge: I did not enter this space, but you can request to use the private lounge at no extra cost if you desire some privacy.

There are countless picture spots, and for content creators, you are allowed to make videos.

2. The service: The service is awesome, this is the second restaurant I have visited that has such great service. My food came in less than 10 minutes, and the staff were very polite, the chef even put on a show for me. You can check out my Youtube vlog to watch the whole experience, I’ll leave a link to the video below (Don’t forget to subscribe). They also take safety precautions; from time to time, they sanitize the tables and the environment is sparkling clean.

3. The food (my favourite part): I ordered the T-Bone steak. This was not the most expensive thing on the menu and I’ll definitely say, this is the best steak that I have ever had. Firstly, I was asked how I wanted my steak (most restaurants forget to ask me how I prefer my steak), I said I wanted medium rare and that was exactly what I got. The steak was not dry, it still had its natural juices, and was delicious. The steak came with jollof rice and although it wasn’t exactly party jollof or firewood jollof, as we call it, it had a little of that firewood taste and it was not dry (like Ghana jollof); it was just right, the way we Nigerians like it. I also ordered the Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail and it was the best cocktail that I’d had in Lagos, NO CAP.

4. The cost: Although the prices were not very affordable, the food and service, plus the ambience just made it all worth it. I spent a total of 34k on the meal and the cocktail. I think the most expensive meal on the menu is the lamb leg and it costs N78,000, but it serves 3-4 people, so if you look at it, it’s not that bad.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to have Christmas or New Year lunch, this would be a great option. If you will be hosting important guests anytime soon,  this is also a great option. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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