The management of Air Peace Airline has revealed that its Lagos-Johannesburg flight neither crashed nor crash-landed as speculated by some individuals on social media platforms.

This was disclosed by the airline via a statement issued on Tuesday and seen by Nairametrics.

According to the airline, the flight crew only had to land the aircraft firmer than usual due to a sudden crosswind.

What Air Peace is saying about the flight

The statement from Air Peace read:

“We have noticed a particular post on social media purporting that our Lagos-Johannesburg flights crash-landed on Sunday, November 14, 2021. This is to set the records straight and correct the information in the public domain.

“The aircraft did not crash land. But due to a sudden crosswind, the flight crew had to land the aircraft firmer than usual. A crosswind is the component of wind which blows across the runway and consequently makes landing or takeoff a little challenging as it opposed to when the wind is blowing straight down the runway.

“This is an offshoot of weather and it happens sometimes. Thus, it is totally untrue to say the aircraft crash-landed. The same aircraft operated another flight to Lagos on the same day. It is also unfair to say our crew did not apologise because they did. Our crew understand the sensitivity of such situation and always do the needful.”

In case you missed it

This is the second time Air Peace will clear the air on alleged crash-landing within six months.

Nairametrics reported in June when Air Peace Airline cleared the air on the alleged near-crash of one of its aircraft. It disclosed that it was the plane’s tyre that blew out after landing at the Ilorin Airport in Kwara State.

It was gathered that the incident happened on a Friday around 10 am while the B737-500 aircraft with registration number 5N-BQR was taxiing to the parking bay at the airport.

Scores of passengers aboard the aircraft from Abuja were disembarked safely after one of the plane’s tyres blew out after landing at the airport.

While the number of passengers aboard the aircraft is unknown, no one was reported injured during the incident and no life was lost.