Special adviser to the President on Ease of Doing Business/PEBEC Secretary, Dr Jumoke Oduwole was at FAAN headquarters on Monday 8th 2021 to review the Service Improvement of the airport staff with the Managing Director, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Captain Rabiu Yadudu as the peak of the travelling season is fast approaching. This is coming at the ills following a now-viral video of a staff member at a Nigerian airport
soliciting a bribe from a foreign traveler.

The Presidential Ease of Doing Business Council (PEBEC) was established in 2016 by President Muhammadu Buhari with the singular purpose to eliminate bureaucratic bottlenecks to doing business in Nigeria. The PEBEC Secretary met with the MD of FAAN to review the escalation of corrupt practices by airport workers on the heels of a now-viral video circulating online.

For FAAN this is one of many complaints that smears the agency which is why there is critical need for immediate action. PEBEC began collaborating with FAAN in 2016 under the entry and exit of people in October 2016 and their singular vision aligns to curb every nonmandated practice. During this meeting both parties were able to discuss next steps for the agency in regards to easing up processes for local and international travelers. There is a need for immediate redress and for accountability moving forward. By the end of the meeting Dr Jumoke
suggested, there must be an “actionable consequence plan” along with quarterly mystery shopping to investigate issues with the processes.

Citizens are admonished to hold these workers accountable by reporting every misconduct and service inconveniences like restrooms, air conditioning, the conclusions etc. On the part of PEBEC, training sessions will be held for airport managers and department heads beginning with the Abuja and Lagos airports, and a general
sensitization for every worker will take place.

Following this meeting, the holiday seasons are sure to see a new level of efficiency from agencies, the private sector, and even vendors that work in the airport.