Crypto tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that represents an asset or specific use and resides on their blockchain. These tokens can be used for investment purposes, to store value or to make purchases. They can be traded worldwide, offering financial freedom and providing previously unknown profit possibilities.

A common way to get crypto tokens is through cryptocurrencies exchanges. These are platforms that facilitate trades across different coins and tokens, manage various wallets, check the value of each crypto, and facilitate the process of sending and receiving currency. is one of these platforms where you can buy and sell crypto tokens, but it also allows anyone to create a crypto token, and fundraise their projects and personal ideas in just a few steps.

Fundraising has been around for as long as people have been kickstarting their businesses. Even if your startup idea sounds incredible on paper, you might struggle to find support from banks, government grants, and even regular peer-to-peer loans. As an entrepreneur, you might also struggle to find the public who could find such products or services appealing. presents itself as a crypto crowdfunding service that facilitates the process of how to create your own cryptocurrency for free and it allows you to represent your brand or idea, and have your followers, or interested people, buying these tokens.

The platform of MintMe also allows the token creators to interact and get to know their supporters through their social features. Potential investors can also use the same social features to learn more about the token, its proposal, services, or ideas, and interact with the token creator or its supporters. This means that the tokens created are a digital representation of your personal/original ideas and can therefore be customized.

Personal monetization and mutual support are the bases that build this service. Blockchain crowdfunding is not just another fundraising method in which people gamble their money away or blindly toss it towards an internet personality they like, it instead presents an ecosystem in which people could give on their own terms, and in exchange, become holders of a token that can regain value, or even create a coin for themselves.

Mintme unifies crowdfunding, trading, and customizable tokens. By creating a crowdfunding campaign on MintMe with the use of tokens, everyone can be able to share exclusive content that can be exchanged for the purchase of their token.