The Residences at Secret Bay, Dominica’s crown jewel development and only six-star award-winning all-villa resort, is garnering praise and admiration from Citizenship by Investment (CBI) investors from around the world.

Nearly a third of whom hail from Africa, who have obtained second citizenship by acquiring real estate at what has become known as the gold standard Citizenship by Investment projects across the globe. With Phase 1 sold out and Phase 2 nearly 50% sold out, The Residences continue to see rapid momentum from CBI investors — from Africa, North America, the Middle East and beyond — who seek an already built product with a strong track record and competitive exit strategy. 

In recent discussions with existing CBI investor-owners of The Residences at Secret Bay, including one who hails from Nigeria, these astute investors shared why they desired a second citizenship, and why they chose Dominica, and specifically, The Residences at Secret Bay. 

What motivated your application for Second Citizenship and why did you choose Dominica?

CBI Investor Aly Kinawy:  “For me I chose Dominica after a lot of research encouraged by the CBI index; a publication of Financial Times ranking Dominica as the World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship. Also, it’s an old programme that saves a lot of time and effort as I received a passport with good reputation at my home country without traveling or spending time in Dominica.”

CBI Investor MT*:  “Our desire to travel visa-free in Europe and in the UK as a family without any burden of going through visa applications’ paperwork and appointments in consulates led us to Dominica and after a very successful presentation by MDM Consultancy & Marketing, where no questions were left unanswered, we made a decision for our entire family.” 

CBI Investor RP*: “There were several countries presented to my daughter and me.  However, when we saw photos of Dominica we decided to do some research about the country.  We immediately fell in love with its beauty.  We also considered safety and we learned how safe the island is. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, tourist-targeted crime is rare and residents are more than willing to help out. This was a huge factor for me.” 

CBI Investor TS*:  “My motivation for second citizenship was my desire for another flavour in the area of luxury and comfort and Dominica fit into my desire.

CBI Investor Isaac R.:The main motivation factor that drew our family to choose the Dominica citizenship programme was its popularity as a second passport for travel convenience and international mobility. Dominica gave us the opportunity to apply and be part of this very old and known citizenship program.”

Why did you choose Secret Bay?

CBI Investor Aly Kinawy: “When I read the reviews about Secret Bay on many sites and how elitely it treats its customers, I felt that surely that that level of treatment would be applied to investors.

CBI Investor Isaac R.: “We were recommended to the Secret Bay project by our very well-known advisor from Carte Blanche Immigration Services. Later we read more about the project and its recognition from various internationally reputed sources which further motivated us to go ahead with the investment in the Secret Bay expansion project. We have been recommending Secret Bay to others too.” 

CBI Investor MT*: “According to Robb Report, Travel + Leisure and beyond, “Secret Bay is a very sought after and successful resort in the wonderful Caribbean nature island of Dominica. It has a unique construction style which draws oneself into its nature and tranquility. Yet, you may surely find watersports and many other activities within and around. I would recommend Secret Bay to other citizenship investors.”

How has your experience been so far as an investor?

CBI Investor MR*:  “Since our purchase with Secret Bay, the company has updated us quarterly with emails about how our investment has been doing in numbers and even during COVID we cannot complain about the returns.”

CBI investor RP*:  “It’s quite effortless. We receive emails indicating our returns and immediately after the amount is transferred to my account. Secret Bay has even continuously paid returns during the pandemic.”

CBI investor TS*:  “I have received the first returns on my investment and looking forward to receiving the second as well as subsequent returns. Secret Bay has done well here despite Covid-19.

CBI Investor Isaac R.:We are 100% satisfied.” 

Another benefit to CBI investors is the ability to visit Secret Bay for one week a year and experience a world-class luxury resort that includes a gourmet restaurant, serene spa, top-end service, recreation equipment and more. When asked if they’d be using their week at Secret Bay, all CBI investor-owners at The Residences gave an overwhelming “Yes”

Feedback from existing investors is overwhelmingly positive, and I think in large, that’s because we’re giving them the opportunity for wealth diversification and financial security,” said Gregor Nassief, proprietor of Secret Bay and The Residences at Secret Bay, and Chairman and CEO of GEMS Holdings Limited. “Nigerians and all global investors are seeing the value in investing in a project with proven financial performance and enjoy the vacation time and access to a vacation exchange program, have an easy exit strategy, and get the assurance of investing in an already built operating and performing villa.”

 For those new to the CBI opportunity at The Residences at Secret Bay, it is the only government-approved real estate project in Dominica offering purchase options to both vacation home buyers and citizenship investors. Dominica’s CBI Programme distinguishes itself as leader amongst Citizenship by Investment programmes earning the title of the “World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship” for the fifth consecutive year by Professional Wealth Management magazine — a publication from the respected Financial Times.

This year, Secret Bay is celebrating its 10th anniversary demonstrating its demand among international travelers and its operational success. Over the past decade the acclaimed Green Globe certified resort has been consistently recognised for its exceptional design, service and experience by such global travel and lifestyle publications as Architectural Digest, CNN, Fortune, National Geographic, Outside, the cover of Travel + Leisure, and The Telegraph. And, Secret Bay was recently named one of Travel + Leisure’s top 500 hotels in the world, and last year was named the magazine’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas and #6 Hotel in the World.

The property is the first and only property in Dominica to be affiliated with the elite luxury brand, Relais & Châteaux. Secret Bay’s newest residences were recently showcased in global publications like the New York Post, Departures, Robb Report, Ocean Home Magazine and Wealth Magazine, among others, recognised not only for their impressive offering, but their most coveted amenity — second citizenship.

The Residences’ CBI offering is priced at US $208k/share. To learn more about Citizenship by Investment in The Residences at Secret Bay, visit: For a consultation, please email


*In some instances, Initials have been used to represent investor names to maintain their anonymity.