PAC Asset Management, a member of PanAfrican Capital Holdings Group and a leading fund manager recently held a webinar tagged ‘Financial Finesse: Leveraging your income for financial freedom’.

The aim of the webinar that was held on Thursday, October 21, 2021, was to enlighten investors and would-be investors on financial intelligence and well-being.

Delivering his opening remark at the event, Dele Ige, Managing Director, PAC Asset Management Limited said: “Financial well-being is a need that becomes imperative as time goes by, and that is why we having this discourse today. We at PAC Asset Management are not only committed to providing innovative investment management services, but also delivering diversified investment opportunities from different sectors of the economy. It is therefore important that we empower individuals to change their financial lives.”

The session featured Founder & Partner at Nairametrics Financial Advocates, Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu ‘Ugodre’, and Founder of Money Africa, Oluwatosin Olaseinde.

Ugodre stated: “Beware of investment schemes that offer as much as 5% returns on investment in a month. A lot of people fall prey to fake investment platforms due to uninformed decisions. It is important that you understand the market and what is obtainable in that market. It is safe to invest through fund managers like PAC Asset Management if you cannot invest yourself.”

Oluwatosin shared: “Capital appreciation takes time and tactics to happen. You need to understand the time rule and deploy effective tactics to achieve your investment goals. You can start with a small or big stake, depending on what suits your pocket. What is important is that you leverage the resources that you have as soon as possible because time is of excess where investment is concerned.”

Speaking about the various investment opportunities that PAC Asset Management offers while addressing a question from the audience, Dele Ige noted that the company’s investment portfolio has varied options that can be explored. “We offer a tailor-made investment scheme that is just right for you, and that is why we always add a personal touch to the services we offer as a fund manager.”

PAC Asset Management Limited “PAC Asset” is the asset management arm of PanAfrican Capital Holdings. The company is a licensed Funds/Portfolio Manager positioned to provide you with innovative investment management services with the mission to deliver investment opportunities from different sectors of the economy ranging from asset classes such as Equities, Money Market/Fixed Income, Real Estate and Alternative Investment vehicles.