As the year 2021 leaps into the final quarter, investors, especially those investing in mutual funds might be willing to know how their funds have performed during the first three quarters of the year.

This analytics is made on the basis of a compilation of fund data released by the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC. The analysis shows that of the 131 mutual funds being reported on by the Security and Exchange Commission, 59 made positive gains, while 38 made losses and 35, including the money market funds that are reported at par, reported no gains or losses.

Below is the list of the 10 best performing mutual funds in Q3 2021.

Best Performing mutual funds

10th position: Legacy Equity Fund

YTD Performance %: 7.79%
YTD Gain per unit: N0.12

9th position: Legacy USD Bond Fund

YTD Performance %: 8.12%
YTD Gain per unit: N30.8

8th position: Nigeria Entertainment Fund

YTD Performance %: 8.28%
YTD Gain per unit: N10.59

7th position: Stanbic IBTC Aggressive Fund

YTD Performance %: 8.38%
YTD Gain per unit: N211.58

6th position: FBN Nigeria Eurobond USD Fund (Retail)

YTD Performance %: 8.87%
YTD Gain per unit: N4,377.9

5th position: FBN Nigeria Eurobond USD Fund (Institutional)

YTD Performance %: 8.88%
YTD Gain per unit: N4,374.7

4th position: Nova Hybrid Balanced Fund

YTD Performance %: 11.25%
YTD Gain per unit: N0.11

3rd position: PACAM Euro Bond Fund

YTD Performance %: 12.63%
YTD Gain per unit: N5,315.85

2nd position: Arm Ethical Fund

YTD Performance %: 12.66%
YTD Gain per unit: N4.49

1st position: Alpha ETF

YTD Performance %: 22.27%
YTD Gain per unit: N22.7


Source: Quantitative Financial Analytics