There is a saying that “the best things in life are the simplest things.” Mine is food. I always wonder how you can feel so many amazing sensations all in one place and at the same time (I’m talking about my mouth, if you thought otherwise, you probably need Jesus. loool…).

This brings me to the first day I visited Cactus Lagos (The best restaurant I have visited so far).

It was a really hot and sunny day. It was my best friend’s birthday and we all got glammed up, and put on our fancy dresses, to have a late lunch at Cactus Lagos. As a Youtuber, of course, I also got ready to create beautiful content, you should check this vlog out on my Youtube Channel.

As a content creator, most of the time, I am on the move because I like to visit lots of restaurants whenever I can, in order to create quality content. This means I have to do my research to be sure that wherever I’m shooting, fits into my aesthetics and this was what we did prior to our outing that day. We also called to book a table but we were told that they do not take reservations on Sundays. I did not understand why until we got to the restaurant.

There are 3 things that make up a good restaurant for me; the ambience, the service and the food and I’ll explain why Cactus has been my best restaurant so far;

1. The ambience: I will tell you for a fact that the pictures I had seen on Instagram, did no justice to the ambience of the restaurant. Stepping into Cactus Lagos, just gave me so many different vibes. Upon entering the restaurant, there were 3 views or 3 chambers and each space gave me a different feel or vibe. The inner part had great lighting, felt like a place you could sit for breakfast or brunch with your significant other and just enjoy the intimacy of being with your loved one.

Now I and my friends sat in the middle chamber, this space gave us a view of both the inner and the outer space and the lighting there was very warm and beautiful. It’s a space where you can have late lunch with your girlfriends, family, male friends, or have a date and you can enjoy watching the sun set and also catch a glimpse of the beautiful ocean.

The outer space gave tropical vibes, with the palm trees, the areca palm and the open sitting area. This is perfect for lunch or dinner with family and friends, you enjoy the cool breeze, you can watch the sun set and you also have a beautiful sea view.

In general, the restaurant was also very clean, so be rest assured that your food is safe and hygienic. The table setting was well arranged and I was able to vlog and take really nice pictures.

2. The Service: I have never been to a restaurant with such great service. I say this because the restaurant had over 50 customers at the time and the food we ordered came in 10 minutes and we were 6 in number. I ordered two different meals and they all came just in time. The waiters and waitresses were very polite, organized and they even sang a happy birthday song for my best friend.

3. The Food: This is the most important characteristic. As a certified foodie, if the food is not amazing or worth the money, then all other things do not matter. The food was affordable, the portions were large, we had to get takeout packs, the food was very delicious. I ordered fries with barbeque chicken, the chicken was just right and large. It was not too dry. The fries were crisp but not too dry, just how I love them. The second food I ordered was spaghetti bolognaise and I had to take that home and I absolutely enjoyed it. The spices were right, it was the perfect bolognaise and of course, I had that with red wine. I later had a taste of my friend’s desert and hmmm…
the way the chocolate mousse cake melted in my mouth made me regret not getting some.

Conclusively, I had an amazing experience, which I did not regret and Cactus Lagos is definitely worth trying out, you would get your money’s worth. You can even hold business dinners, lunch or celebrate birthdays there. For content creators, the ambience is an A+, there are so many nice picture spots and you should definitely try it out.

If you want to have a visual representation of my experience, you should definitely check out my vlog, I will leave
the details below;

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