As an average Nigerian, chances are that you have more than one bank account. If you do, well, you’re not alone; we are looking for convenient and free banking but, the truth is, the future is not a new bank. Banking really isn’t broken and won’t be in a very long time. If you look at it carefully, you would see that all banks are the same on the back end; same license, similar infrastructure and regulations.

Having more than one account doesn’t only come with multiple bank debits, we constantly have to deal with having multiple apps on our phone with multiple passwords. Truth is, there are more things in life than joggling between bank apps.

Ever heard of that phrase, Less is More?

The entire digital world is moving and innovating towards making life simple and easy. For example, Spotify allows you to simplify your music experience in one app.

The question is, if all your music can live in one place, why can’t your banks?

With Mothership, you can bring your old or existing bank accounts in one place and spend for free. You can do the things you wish your bank could on one app and without charges. See? You don’t need a new bank account or multiple apps or remembering multiple passwords. That’s not even all, you not only get to move money freely, and you also earn rewards when you spend. Cool right?

Allow us to blow your mind once more, you can also download your bank statement, analyze your accounts, get real-time notifications and pay bills for free. The best things in life are free, banking should be too.

What is Mothership? We are not a bank, you can think of us as a home for your banks. We are consolidating banking into one simple, free and convenient experience.

We invite you to join us on a ride to convenience.

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