Everyone learns in school that the sole purpose of business is to make money. This unfair story sits deeply in the minds of Nigerians and their economic system. It shapes the actions of most organizations. Furthermore, a glance at history shows how such beliefs narrow our point of view, limiting anyone that harbours it to unfavourable long term repercussions.

The Goal

One of Roqqu’s aims is to show, inexorably, that – at the heart of our most admired, top-rated, and enduring businesses – society and her people are not factors to be used as a means to an end. To Roqqu, the people are the ends themselves. They are the core reason for the entire adventure in the first place. Hence, society and human values drive our decision-making process.

Roqqu has a goal to leave a mark on the financial lives of the people. For one thing, raising financial security requires the employment of actions that support families to move forward. Indeed, Finance, education, justice, health, and taxation are all factors that must be utilized. However, a financial system that focuses on the people and ensures access to fundamental financial goods, services, and goals, is playing its part.

Some companies do more to provide income or extra cash for customers once in a while. Roqqu, inturn, takes this commitment two steps further. We share our revenue from every cryptocurrency transaction with our users. In other words, Roqquians who refer people to the app become part of our revenue-pool, constantly earning extra cash on every transaction made by their referrals.

Under these circumstances, everyone can catch a glimpse of our priorities, seeing where we stand with respect to our customers. In the end, those businesses that put the people in front of their actions generally serve the longest. They are rewarded for being an evolutionary advantage.

Many Roqqu users know they can earn some easy extra cash by helping to spread the word; and they have done so. There’s a certain degree of responsibility attached when we refer a friend to a product or service we like, and seeing Roqquians appreciate the app enough to invite their friends, without the need of any incentive, is an adventure that drives incredible work and commitment from our team.

Nevertheless, Roqqu has spent Over 600 Million Naira giving bonuses to Roqquians who got their friends to sign up with their referral link. That’s not all. With respect to doing more for Roqquians, we plan to disburse over 1 billion naira for referral bonuses within the next 12 months.

How does the referral programme work?

Help friends discover Roqqu by signing up with your link and earn 0.5% on every transaction they make. It’s a very simple process and costs nothing to participate in. Roqqu app is best served with friends and family, chilled.

Just login to your Roqqu app

Click settings
Click referrals
Copy your referral link, you can’t miss it!
Share it with friends.

For Roqquians who may not know about the referral bonus, those who may have forgotten, or do not use it because they are unaware of its massive advantage in extra cash, this is a quick way we have provided for Roqquians to earn without stress. Apart from Sharing your referral link, everything else is automatic. Everyweek, Roqquians gain additional funds, cashout, or use the compiled extra for any of our services, products, or listings. So what are you waiting for? Share Roqqu today and continually earn passively.