The Management of Bethel Baptist High School disclosed that five more students have been released by bandits, bringing the total number of released students to 115.

This was disclosed by the administrator of the school on Friday, Reverend John Hayab, who stated that ransoms were paid to the bandits to secure the release of the students, as reported by Reuters. “No student was released for free,” he told Reuters, declining to say how much was paid.

The report said that bandits have been releasing the students in batches after getting ransom payments as education in Northern Nigeria has been paralysed this year due to school attacks.

In case you missed it

Recall that Nairametrics reported last month that ten more students from the Bethel Baptists High School in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state, have been released, bringing the total number of released students to 110.

121 students were kidnapped from the school by armed bandits on the 5th of July. Media reports last week revealed that the Police also arrested 3 suspected bandits affiliated with the kidnap who said they were paid N100,000 for the job.