Despite the challenges operators in the Nigerian hospitality sector are witnessing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe and discerning to invest in the sector now.

This was disclosed by the Founder, FITTs Hotels, Feyisayo Adeniyi, during a recent interview with Nairametrics.

According to him, the best time for any discerning investor to inject funds into the sector is now, adding that COVID-19 should not be a barrier to investments.

What he is saying about investment

He said, “COVID-19 has a timeline, as it will leave soon and waiting for it to go is not discerning. I invested about N200 million in the new hotel we just launched because this is the best time to invest in the hospitality sector despite the pandemic.”

He explained that it has always been his top priority to make people feel so special, and his desire to always satisfy people’s needs informs his company’s latest action.

“When we started Fitt Hotels, we always knew that we would be great in no time. This is because our roadmap is clear. We quickly identified some challenges in the hospitality industry in our area, which is Itire here in Surulere, and having identified these challenges, we turned them into opportunities for the sake of growth.

“After we had commenced operations with Fitt Hotels, a few years later, we did a survey about our customers and we were able to realise how we could serve them better.”

“At Fitt Hotels, we are the leader when it comes to hospitality and by maintaining that status quo no matter the challenges, we resolved to prioritise expansion.

“With our newly-launched facility, Fitt Fountain, we can service people of the business class more. This is because they craved exclusivity alongside other prominent persons that love our services,” he added.

While maintaining that good hospitality services would be a continuum in Fitt Hotels, Adeniyi assured that his hotel facilities were safe for everyone.

He said, “There are measures we’ve put in place to ensure that criminals don’t use our facilities, such that they would attract security agents, who might come unannounced and create a mess. We don’t want that for our customers. Hence, we ensure that the right people, whom we access beyond look, are the ones that enjoy our services.”