The Lagos Angel Network (LAN) has appointed a new Board of Governors (BoG) to oversee the organization’s operations, which will begin on October 1, 2021.

The new board, led by Kola Aina, General Partner at Ventures Platform, has been tasked with repositioning the organization with a focus on recruiting and educating local angel investors, as well as championing early-stage investing advocacy in Nigeria.

Other members of the BoG are Biola Alabi, founder, Biola Alabi Media, who will sit as Deputy Chair of the BoG; Yemi Keri, co-founder, Rising Tide Africa; Olumide Soyombo, co-founder, Voltron Capital; Iyin Aboyeji, founder, Future Africa; and Gerrad Olisa-Ashar, co-founder, Diaspora Angel Network.

What you should know about the Lagos Angel Network

LAN was founded in 2012, to facilitate the growth and development of a dynamic early-stage investment ecosystem in Nigeria, thereby contributing to the creation of a new generation of energetic entrepreneurs.

LAN’s mission is to invest in Lagos-based entrepreneurs and their early-stage businesses, give them access to our business networks, mentor and nurture them with the aim of building a sustainable business ecosystem.

The LAN group of Angels claims to have mentored, counselled, and invested in over a hundred Nigerian startups since its inception in 2012.

Rising Tide Africa (RTA), South South-East Angels Network (SSEAN), Abuja Angels Network (AAN), and the Diaspora Angels Network (DAN) are just a few of the Angel groups that have emerged from LAN.

The new board will be taking over from the leadership of co-founders, Tomi Davies and Dotun Sulaiman, and the current Board of Directors, Collins Onuegbu, Segun Olukoya, Yemi Keri, Dipo Adebo, David Richards, and Bunmi Lawson.

What they are saying

Tomi Davies said in a statement, “During this our first decade as Lagos Angels, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the unexpected in the Nigerian early-stage entrepreneurship ecosystem, and it’s been an incredibly worthwhile journey.”

Dotun Sulaiman said, “We’ve seen the Lagos startup ecosystem grow significantly bigger than when we started LAN 10 years ago and need to do more. We’ve seen what’s possible, and now it’s time to take Angel investing in Nigeria to the next level.”

Kola Aina said. “I want to thank the founding LAN Board whose achievements cannot be overstated, and their legacy is visible for all to see. Our appointment to serve the LAN community in this capacity is humbling. Our passion, commitment, and experiences will stand us in good stead as we embark on this journey. Welcome to LAN, the next chapter.”

Davies, Sulaiman, and Keri will stay as guarantors of LAN, a company limited by guarantee under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, while other members of the former Board will step down.