Most people argue that they are more productive working from home as compared to working in a traditional office. While that might be true, it is clear that how the home office is designed plays a major role in driving or hindering productivity. When designed well, your home office will allow you to work comfortably and be productive and efficient.

However, designing a comfortable and productive office at home isn’t always easy especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Here are four tips that will help you design a home office that will strike just the perfect balance between the two.

1. Rethink your desk/chair

If you work full-time in your home office, you likely spend a lot of time on your chair and desk. It is only right that these two aren’t just comfortable but functional as well. Choose a desk that is big enough to accommodate your needs. It should be spacious enough for your computer, leaving ample space for maneuvering. Consider one with ample storage space to help you avoid clutter. A cluttered desk is likely to take your focus away and derail your productivity. It is also advisable to go for an adjustable desk that allows the option to sit or stand when working.

On the other hand, go for a chair that ticks all the ergonomic features boxes for the sake of your health and comfort. The chair that you choose should allow you to sit upright with your spine aligned. You should also be able to rest your feet on the floor or on a footrest.

2. Create the right mood

Your home office should be a dedicated space that sets the right mood the moment you get in. It should be an atmosphere that allows you to stay focused. It should also be a space that makes you feel energized to tackle a day’s work. Here are some tips for creating the right mood in your home office.

Grow plants – Being around plants clears and calms the mind, getting rid of daily stresses. Plants are also known to increase alertness and inspire the mind to be creative. However, you need to consider the right conditions for the plants to grow so you don’t end up killing them. If your office doesn’t let in enough light, you might need to use LED grow lights to provide the right lighting needs.
Choose the right color – Different colors affect the mind differently. For instance, green and blue are calming, peaceful, and restful colors that allow people to focus. Orange and lime green are cherry and energetic.
Allow in more natural light – Natural light is good for your general wellbeing. It also helps you feel more energized and active.
Add ample storage space – A place full of clutter only succeeds in cluttering the mind. Have enough storage space for a clutter-free home office.

3. Add a break-out corner

Taking breaks in between is necessary as it allows the mind and body to re-energize. However, you don’t want to take a break in the living room where the TV is or in your bedroom where your bed will be tempting you to take a nap. If you have the luxury of space, you can create a small space in a corner to serve as a break-out area. Place a comfortable chair and a small table. You can use this space for your coffee breaks, making calls or just relax when you want to unwind.

4. Seek the help of an expert

If you don’t have the knowledge to design a productive and comfortable home office, you can always contact a professional to help you with it. You are at an advantage if you are building your custom home from scratch. You have the opportunity to design the home office that you desire, which is much easier compared to modifying one in an existing home. If you are in Sacramento, be sure to work with a custom home builder Sacramento to help you actualize your ideas. These experts can offer the best advice on the location and design of your home office to ensure optimum comfort and productivity.


While working from home is often considered the better option, it comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, a well-designed office can be able to solve a number of these challenges. That is why building and designing a comfortable office that encourages productivity should be your focus. Hopefully, the above points give you some ideas that get you thinking.