Klasha is excited to announce our partnership with OpenCart, an all-in-one e-commerce builder that provides businesses with the tools to create and launch an e-commerce store. With this new partnership, OpenCart merchants can now sell more and accept payments online from customers across Africa while enjoying superfast last-mile delivery to customers across the continent within 10 days.

With Klasha, businesses can easily sell in African currencies online and drive more revenue through our integrated checkout with your customer’s preferred payment method. Your customers can pay you through multiple payment options, including card payments, M-Pesa and mobile money. 

Why Klasha?

Merchants who use Klasha on OpenCart enjoy the following benefits:

Faster payments through multiple payment methods, including card payments, M-Pesa, and mobile money in local African currencies
Increased conversions and fewer abandoned carts through our smooth and seamless checkout experience
Faster shipping and last-mile delivery of goods to customers in Africa within 10 days with KlashaCargo
Brilliant customer experience and trust with our security and fraud protection feature
Increased sales through penetration to the vast opportunities in the African market

Setting up Klasha on OpenCart

Setting up Klasha on OpenCart, and accepting online payments on your store is easy. Simply follow this link to download and install the plugin.

We’re excited to help you grow and expand into the African continent by capturing transactions in local African currencies.  If you are yet to create a Klasha account, visit dashboard.klasha.com to sign up for free!