BluDive Technologies Limited (BluDive), an Enterprise IT solutions company, has commenced its paid Graduate Internship Academy, a 6 months intensive mentoring programme designed to train young Nigerian graduates to increase their potential for productivity within the IT ecosystem.

At a time when Nigeria’s unemployment rates are on the rise and the IT ecosystem is experiencing an exponential talent flight, BluDive is embarking on this initiative as part of its CSR efforts to provide young Nigerians with skills that will make them compete favourably in the job market.

According to Abdul-Azeez Musa, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, the GIP is in line with the company’s mission to provide custom IT solutions that will enable businesses to maximize productivity and minimize cost.

“At BluDive Technologies, we are all about service, like our mantra says, “built to serve”. An opportunity to serve is always another unique window to showcase our professionalism and value to a customer. Based on that, we are assured that once completed, participants would be ready for service with opportunities lurking in every nook and cranny”, he said

The 6-months programme consists of three (3) months of classwork and three (3) months of hands-on supervised practice under the tutelage of experienced team members. The approach is to introduce the participants to a broad spectrum of Enterprise IT solutions and services offered by the team, thus equipping them with the right skill sets and work experience for better market competitiveness.

Speaking on the programme objectives, Anaze Omananyi, Head, HR and Administration at BluDive explained that the programme is not just about empowering young Nigerian graduates with IT skills (which is the CSR- objective). It is also designed to develop them with superior value competencies within and outside the organization.

“The Internship Program is expected to build their confidence, help them make useful connections, and gain working experience. Asides from the knowledge-related development, we are also equipping them with exact work processes and exposing them to the dynamism of the work environment while giving feedback and evaluating their progress,” she said.

A stipend will be paid to the candidates during the duration of the training at no cost to the candidates. Upon completing the internship program, a certificate of attendance and completion will be awarded to them. All interns will also be evaluated and the top seven (7) candidates will be absorbed into the organization for full-time positions.

The remaining candidates that are not selected for employment can be confident in the knowledge that they will be well-equipped to apply for any IT job anywhere in the world.

BluDive Technologies Limited (BluDive) is an ICT solutions company that offers strategic outsourcing, infrastructure management services and technical support services that enable corporations to efficiently optimize their operational capabilities as well as increase system uptime.

BluDive is a leading IT solutions and services company. Over the years, we have evolved to become an organization driven by the desire to offer first-class solutions to meet client’s requirements through strategic partnership with world-class technology giants. We collaborate to deliver exceptional customer experience to our clients.

Through the provision of reliable IT support services for a diverse clientele base across West Africa, BluDive Technologies has enabled firms to attain a cost-saving efficiency of about 35%.