The use of oxygen by COVID-19 patients in isolation centres in Lagos State has risen to 563 as at August 31.

This was disclosed by Prof. Abayomi, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health on his official Facebook page on Monday.

He said the oxygen consumption rose from 467 cylinders in August 18-24 to 563 cylinders in August 25-31, 2021, revealing that oxygen consumption increased by 96 cylinders.

However, in a month, the consumption of oxygen has increased by 250 additional cylinders.

The breakdown of oxygen usage in the state, presented by the commissioner shows that from July 28-August 3, 2021, the oxygen usage was at 313; from August 4 to 10, the oxygen usage was at 341.

However, the demand for oxygen began to increase more rapidly from August 11 to 17 as oxygen usage was at 419; while its usage from August 18 to 24 was 467 and it finally stood at 563 from August 25 to August 31.

The commissioner disclosed that additional isolation centres are being created, in a bid to treat cases that might be reported during “this third wave”.

Abayomi equally disclosed that the total number of COVID-19 samples conducted in Lagos State is now 699,001 while the total number of confirmed cases has increased to 73,810. In addition, the total death toll related to COVID-19 now stands at 570, as 199 deaths have been recorded since the third wave began.

On his Facebook page, Prof Abayomi stated that “Total Number of #COVID19 cases discharged from #COVID19 Lagos Care Centers – 4,864. Total Number of #COVID19 recovery in communities – 64,989.

Cases currently under isolation – 231.

“Active Cases under Home Based Care- 3,156. New #COVID19 related deaths – 4. Total deaths- 570,” 

The Lagos State government however has continued to champion the push for residents to get vaccinated at any of the 183 approved centres for vaccination.