Passfolio, the mobile investment app that helps users invest in US stocks with Passfolio Securities and cryptocurrencies with Passfolio Financial, hosted its first-ever virtual conference on August 19, 2021.

Seasoned speakers in the digital and crypto space (Adewale Adetona, Olumide Adesina and Awe Olaleye) were at the Passfolio Virtual Conference to discuss how digitization drives personal finance and investments in Africa. The event averaged over 300 attendees during the 3-hour session. The event is one of many ways the US firm hopes to strengthen its footprint in the fintech space and build a closer relationship with its Nigerian public.

In September, Passfolio plans to partner with Grow with Google to educate its users on digital literacy skills. Two free training sessions will be held on the 18th and 25th of September to provide knowledge and insights on how to grow digitally.

Passfolio is a San Francisco fintech company whose mission is to demystify investment opportunities by providing broad, global and friendly access to borderless financial markets. To this date, the US-based broker has served more than 130,000 users in over 170 countries with fast local deposit methods, integrated currency exchange to US Dollars and a one-stop marketplace to over 5,800 assets, including US stocks, ETFs, REITs and ADRS provided by Passfolio Securities and over 40 cryptocurrencies through Passfolio Financial.

With over 104 million internet users, Nigeria continues to be at the centre of most technological activities in Africa. Like most emerging economies, its people desire more digital education. That is why Passfolio has plans to introduce more educational programmes to increase digital literacy in Nigeria.

Passfolio Securities offers Nigerians an opportunity to invest commission-free in any US stock valued at $5 or more, as well as the opportunity to diversify their investments with a crypto wallet through Passfolio Financial, all in one app.

In August, Passfolio released Smart Portfolio, a new beta feature aimed at helping those inexperienced with US investments or who do not have enough time to manage their investments. Smart Portfolio is Passfolio’s Robo Advisor, and it automatically recommends and manages a portfolio based on users’ responses to a quick investor profile survey

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