Nigeria, as a failing state, is already on the verge of collapse unless drastic measures are taken to reverse the negative trend.

This was disclosed by former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Obadaih Mailafia, in Akure, the Ondo State capital, during a symposium with the theme “The Role of the Church in Nation-Building,” organised by Forum for Good Governance of the Towards Revival for All Nations (TRANS 21)

According to him, a new Nigeria must be built on social justice and equal representation for all nations inside the federation.

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Nigeria, according to the former CBN deputy governor, can no longer be classified as a nation since power is no longer concentrated solely in the hands of the government, but also in the hands of other power blocs.

He said “Nigeria has been designated as a failed state. We may not say it is a failed state but it is certainly exhibiting the features of a failing state in terms of the kind of violence we are seeing, widespread insecurity, terrorism, abuse of humanity, criminality, rape, killings, maiming and destruction.”

Boko Haram currently controls over half of Niger State, according to Mailafia, who said that the country is being “Islamized” and “Fulanized,” adding that if they successfully take over Niger, Abuja will be a walkover.